School Holds 'Welcome Home' Parade for Military Dad as He Surprises His Son

Connor hadn't seen his dad for a whole year.

After a year away from his family, Staff Sgt. Garret Miron wanted to surprise his son, Connor, in his pre-K classroom.

But Connor's school decided to go one step further: They held a mini-"welcome home" parade for the dad, complete with a huge banner, singing students and waving American flags.

Connor was distracted in his classroom as students holding small flags lined the hallways of Pecan Grove Elementary in Richmond, Texas, and started singing Lee Greenwood’s "God Bless the USA."

Connor was then led from his classroom as Miron, who had been in Kuwait for a year, walked down the hallway, past the children, and toward his son, who jumped into his arms and held him tight.

Another parent, Kelly Knudsen Clinton, was at the school when she heard that something was going on. She pulled out her phone and managed to capture footage of the sweet moment. Her video has been viewed more than a million times on Facebook.

"[It] just kills ya!" she told of the reunion. "Connor told the school that he is excited just to go home and wrestle with his dad."