Scott Peterson’s Sister Says He Behaved Inappropriately Toward Babysitter After Laci Went Missing

Scott Peterson's sister Anne Bird said her brother acted like a roving bachelor, not a grieving husband, after his wife Laci went missing.

Scott Peterson was re-sentenced to life without parole Wednesday for the murders of his wife Laci and their unborn son after his death sentence was overturned last year. Now his sister is speaking out to Inside Edition.

“I wish he would take just a fraction of pain away and be honest and say you did it,” Anne Bird told Inside Edition.

Bird also claims Peterson acted like a roving bachelor, not a grieving husband, after his wife Laci went missing.

“A man not looking for, caring for his pregnant, missing wife, but a man more interested in our attractive babysitter,” Bird said.

She says he even made an inappropriate cocktail for the babysitter.

“Went to the store and got cocktail mix and made something called sextinis and he was serving them to our babysitter,” Bird said.

Laci Peterson went missing on Christmas Eve in 2002 while Scott Peterson was having an affair with massage therapist Amber Frey, who says she didn't know that Peterson was married.

Bird and Frey came together for an interview on Inside Edition in 2005 and spoke about their unusual bond.

“It’s really tough to get through something like this. It’s so nice to talk to somebody who has been through the same thing,” Bird said at the same time.

“She definitely is very brave and has made a lot of sacrifices in coming out,” Frey said.

Both women are represented by attorney Gloria Allred. Allred said that if Peterson gets a new trial, Frey is willing to testify against him.

“Amber is a true hero, and she took many risks for justice in this case,” Allred said.

In February, a hearing will be held to determine if there was juror misconduct in Scott Peterson's criminal case.

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