Scuba Diver Finds Wedding Ring That Fell Into Lake Tahoe During Groom’s Vows

Marlee and Andrew Kent are thanking local scuba diver Phil Abernathy from the Tahoe Scuba Group for recovering their ring from the frigid lake.

A picture-perfect wedding ceremony erupted in chaos when the nervous groom dropped the ring into frigid Lake Tahoe. Andrew Kent was taking the box out of his pocket when the ring fell onto the dock, slipped through the cracks and plopped into the water below.

The bride, Marlee, tried to catch it. “Immediately I was like, that didn't happen. That couldn’t have happened,” she told Inside Edition.

The couple got down on all fours to look down and see if the ring was still visible.

“We could see it laying on a boulder,” Marlee said.

Andrew contemplated jumping in the water, but the minister told him not to risk hypothermia. So the ceremony continued without it.

“We were just so happy and so in the moment though, that we were able to continue on,” Marlee said.

The next day, Phil Abernathy from the Tahoe Scuba Group came to the rescue.

He had them drop a pebble through the same crack.

“That really helped Phil pinpoint the spot,” Marlee said.

Abernathy miraculously found the ring about five feet down.

"It was perfect,” Marlee said.