'Selfie Kid' Ryan McKenna Reunites With Justin Timberlake at Boston Concert

The singer gave McKenna a special shout-out during the show, two months after he achieved viral status at the Super Bowl.

During a recent Justin Timberlake concert the singer spotted a familiar face in the crowd — selfie kid!

Ryan McKenna, 13, was gifted tickets to the concert by Timberlake himself, and even got a shout-out during the show.

Following the concert, the pair was reunited backstage, and McKenna had the chance to snap another selfie — this time, without his braces.

The teen became a viral sensation overnight after taking a now-famous selfie with Timberlake during his Super Bowl halftime show in February.

The famous selfie quickly racked up nearly 125,000 likes on Instagram and left dozens of other celebrities vying for the chance to be photographed with the teen known as "selfie kid."