Server Fired After Complaining About Getting Stiffed on Tip by Church Group

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A Florida woman was fired from her job as a restaurant server after she complained on social media about not being tipped on a meal that cost more than $700.

Tamlynn Yoder, 25, said she prepared 75 orders for a church group that had called Outback Steakhouse in Palm Beach Gardens for the massive takeout meal.

Members of the group picked up the food and Yoder loaded the $735 meal into a car, she said.

And then the group left, leaving Yoder with nothing to show for her work.

"I was super mad," she told WPEC-TV. "I was angry because that was such a large order and we have to take so much out of our time. It took almost an hour to put it all together."

Yoder posted on Facebook about what happened and after learning of her frustration, contacted the restaurant to make things right, she said.

But when Yoder went to work the next day, she said her boss fired her.

Church officials told the Palm Beach Post they wanted “to find a way to get a tip to the employee and did not desire in any way for punitive action to be taken."

Yoder told WPEC-TV she has already received other job offers, but wants her story to raise awareness and show the plight of those in the service industry.

"As takeout, we still make server minimum wage," she said. "We are making $5 an hour. That's not even two gallons of gas. I want them to realize what it's like as a server in this industry because we do work hard."

Cathie Kock, a spokeswoman for Outback Steakhouse, told "Our policy prohibits employees from making negative comments about our customers on social media posts. Given the content of her post, termination was appropriate."


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