Prosecutor Fired Over Rant on Uber Driver Apologizes: 'My Career Is Done'

Jody Warner was accused of being drunk and obnoxious by the driver, who recorded her as she berated him.

A tearful Texas assistant district attorney has offered an apology over an Uber meltdown that got her fired from her job.

Jody Warner lost it when her Uber driver asked her to get out of his car in Dallas last Friday. 

“Ma'am I ended the ride and I asked you politely to step out of the vehicle,” driver Shaun Platt can be heard telling her in a recording of the incident.

“No, you ended the ride not at my house," she replied. "Do you think I’m going to get out on a f***ing side street?”

Platt recorded the meltdown on his phone. He claims Warner, 32, was drunk when he picked her up at a Dallas bar. He claims that she insisted he ignore his GPS and follow her directions.

"I didn’t know what route she wanted me to take," he recalled to Inside Edition. "I said, ‘Should I take a left, should I take a right?’ And she became angry and said why couldn’t I follow the (expletive) GPS?"

He ended the ride and asked her to get out. When she refused, he called the cops.

“I want to go home so badly but you're so stupid. I want the cops to come so that they can f*** you up, that's what I want,” she told him. 

When he tried to calm her down, she said, “I'm an assistant district attorney so shut the f*** up.” 

Warner says got belligerent because she feared for her safety, and claimed the audio of the incident doesn't tell the whole story.

“I just want to apologize for my language,” she said at a press conference Monday. “There is no excuse for anyone to talk the way I did, but there is some more context to it. I felt uncomfortable with the route he was taking me. I had obviously been drinking, that is why I was in an Uber. The route was just a different way than I had been taken."

She says she felt unsafe and was in "fight-or-flight" mode. Platt denies her claims. 

"I think the tape speaks for itself," Platt told Inside Edition. "You can see the state she was in. I don’t think she remembers anything she did that night."

Warner, who prosecuted child abuse cases, was fired on Monday. 

“My career is done so I just wanted to put my side out there,” she said. “I’m not a horrible person.”

After police arrived, the Uber driver declined to press charges.