Scantily Clad Thief Admits to Stealing From Uber Driver's Tip Jar: 'It Made Me Relevant'

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A woman wearing a bra as a top was caught red-handed taking money from her Uber driver's tip jar.

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The young woman was on the tail end of an Uber trip in New York City in August with two others.

While staring at the driver's camera, there's a moment of hesitation as she swipes the cash and makes a run for it. 

By the time the driver realized his money was gone, it was too late. 

Though the incident took place several months ago, video of the incident has recently surfaced.

The passenger, identified only as Gabby, 18, told Inside Edition that she has no regrets about taking the money.

"It was a kid thing to do," she said. "My friend paid him back that day."

She added that while it was something she did carelessly, "I do feel sorry to an extent" for taking the money.

She doesn't, however, appear to have any remorse for the attention she's gotten.

"It made me relevant," she told Inside Edition. "You are calling me" 

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When the driver reported the incident to Uber, the company responded: "The rider... advised us that she didn't steal your cash from the tip jar. You may want to initiate a formal investigation via the police."

Uber told Inside Edition it later revoked the rider's account. However, Gabby says she has continued to use Uber without an issue, including as recently as Tuesday night. 

The NYPD said it has no record of the incident, according to reports.