Shark Week: Divers Surrounded by Man-Eating Sharks for Terrifying Stunt

The two divers agreed to be a part of the experiment for Discovery's Shark Week.

Imagine being stranded in open water and surrounded by deadly sharks after a boat explosion.

That is the premise of a new Shark Week special, “Sharkwrecked,” which airs Thursday on Discovery. 

Two divers took part in what's said to be “the most dangerous experiment ever" for Shark Week.

Cameras are rolling as the divers spend 48 hours in the water with whitetip sharks, which are considered the most aggressive in the ocean.

They're allowed to use life jackets only at night, in case they fall asleep. The rest of the time they're treading water.

Adventurers Paul de Gelder and James Glancy, explained to Inside Edition why they would agree to spend two days in open water circled by the killer fish.

"It is a sense of adventure," de Gelder said. "The sharks were coming in thick and heavy." 

"We also work in conservation and love sharks," Glancy added. 

De Gelder lost an arm and a leg during a 2009 shark attack in Australia. 

The stunt is inspired by the sinking of the USS Indianapolis by Japanese torpedoes in World War II. Of the 900 initial survivors, only 316 made it out alive; many of those killed fell victim to sharks that attacked them in a feeding frenzy.