Shoplifters Don't Seem Worried About Being Caught as New Law Can Deem Thefts Under $950 a Misdemeanor

A Houston Best Buy employee told Inside Edition he was fired after a scuffle with a suspected shoplifter.

Two shoplifters were caught on camera strolling out of a store, one carrying a giant bag apparently filled with stolen items. And, they didn’t seem too worried about getting into trouble.

One of the bandits didn’t even wear a mask as he walked away with jeans still on the hanger. The other thief looked right into the camera as he casually strolled out with clothes and the bag.

Their shoplifting spree was filmed by a customer, who followed the suspects out of the Los Angeles TJ Maxx store and posted the video to Instagram.

And, despite the recording of their act, they got away.

LAPD Sergent Jerretta Sandoz explained that criminals are now emboldened after a recent law made shoplifting less than $950 worth of goods a misdemeanor charge instead of a felony.

While California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law allowing “organized retail theft” to be classified as a felony, it’s unclear how effective the law will be because it’s still up to local prosecutors to decide whether or not to charge.

Recently, in San Francisco, thieves were caught on camera fleeing Neiman Marcus, a high end department store, arms loaded with expensive designer handbags.

Also in the Bay Area, stunned customers watched as a shoplifter stuffed a plastic bag filled with merchandise from a Walgreens Drug Store.

When the security guard tried to grab the bag, the thief escaped on his bike.

At a Best Buy location in Houston, an employee grabbed at a suspect’s backpack that he said was filled with stolen goods. They ended up in a tug-of-war scuffle that made it past store doors.

The Best Buy employee managed to wrestle the bag away.

But, instead of being treated as a hero, he told Inside Edition that he was ultimately fired for approaching a customer when he said the company said shouldn’t have.

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