Should Man's Ex-Wife Get Some of His $273 Million Lotto Winnings?

After not working steadily during his 15-year marriage, a recently divorced man hit a stroke of luck. Should his ex-wife be able to cash in too?

Mike Weirsky couldn't believe his luck when he saw he had hit it big. 

"It still hasn't hit me," he told Inside Edition.

The Alpha, New Jersey, man won last Friday's $273 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot, but he now finds himself in a bit of a pickle.

Weirsky got divorced about five months ago. During the course of his 15-year marriage, Weirsky did not work steadily. His ex-wife, Eileen Murray, supported him. Even now, she's paying him court-ordered alimony. 

So should she get a cut of the cash? 

Murray's hoping Weirsky will "do the right thing."

"Think about it. How long did I work? How long did I support him?" she told the New York Post.

She doesn't plan on getting back together with him, however. "He's not appealing to me all of a sudden because he has this money," Murray said. 

Weirsky is a little sensitive on the subject of his ex. 

"$270 million does not make me appealing to her — that's what she said," he said. 

He added that she has no chance of getting back together with him. 

"It's over with," he said. "I just want her to stop being in my life."

Inside Edition polled its social media followers on whether Weirsky should share. Across all three platforms — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — the consensus was clear: Weirsky should keep his winnings to himself.