Silver Monolith Vanishes From Remote Utah Desert as Mysteriously as It Appeared

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The mysterious silver monolith has vanished, seemingly as quickly as it appeared over a week ago in a remote desert in southeastern Utah. After the monolith was discovered, adventurers flocked to the desert to see the otherworldly, 12-foot-tall metal column.

Riccardo Marino was one of the first people to realize it was gone. “We noticed tire tracks from some kind of dolly or wheelbarrow that was hauling it out,” Marino said. “You can literally see the fresh tracks.”

All that was left at the site is the monolith’s base plate.

TV personality Dave Sparks of the Discovery Channel was among those who flocked to catch a glimpse of the structure.

“They took these stainless steel panels and they basically just riveted them together with these inner — probably gussets or something. The middle of it appears to be hollow,” Sparks told Inside Edition.

Helicopter pilot Ryan Bacher landed at the site, and to his surprise, found a bunch of people already there. “There was maybe two dozen other people there, enjoying the day,” Bacher said.

But the next day, the monolith was gone, as mysteriously as it appeared.

“We were very shocked, and a little bit heartbroken,” another woman told Inside Edition. “We drove eight hours to see this, so we were a bit let down.”

Local officials put out a cheeky statement warning others not to place anything like a monolith on public land again. They say it’s illegal, no matter what planet you're from. Meanwhile, one mystery is replaced with another: who took the monolith down and where is it now?


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