Singer, 13, Who Forgot Words to National Anthem Before Game Gets a Do-Over

Hockey fans helped Lauralie Mufute finish the song when she forgot the lyrics halfway through.

The teenage singer who stumbled while performing the national anthem at a New Jersey Devils hockey game is explaining what happened.    

Lauralie Mufute, 13, repeatedly tried to get through the anthem during the Devils' Friday night game against the San Jose Sharks. Eventually, the 14,000 hockey fans inside Newark’s Prudential Center helped her out with the lyrics.

“I was thrown off,” she told Inside Edition. “I'm glad the people in the stadium joined in and helped me sing and we continued to the end.”  

The teenager said she did feel disappointed when she stopped, saying: “I was, like, I can do better than this. I fell and I have to keep moving. I can’t give up.” 

On Monday, she was given another shot as she sang the national anthem for Inside Edition. This time, she nailed her performance.