Singing Cops Serenade the Public and Everyone Loves It

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Two New York cops have gained national attention for their singing chops. 

Buffalo police officers Michael Norwood and Moe Badger started singing together as a joke until someone commented on their talent.

“We’d give jokingly give concerts in our briefing room. Then someone was like, ‘Wow you guys sound good,’ and I’m like, ‘Really, do we?’” Badger told “So it was something that grew into something that the city kind of embraced and took to.”

Two months ago, a woman caught the officers singing on camera in a local restaurant and the video quickly went viral. 

The officers say people recognize them wherever they go and they’re always being asked to sing. 

Norwood said it’s brought him out of his shell as he only used to sing in the shower.

“He [Badger] kind of got me comfortable singing around people and now we literally sing everywhere we go,” Norwood said. “On the job, off the job.” 

They’ve also noticed their performances bring them closer to the community, which is always a positive.

“Just to see how when we’re approached now, it’s a different demeanor,” Badger said. “That doesn’t mean we still don’t have to do our job but it does mean the way we are approached by people is different and they’ll see us as humans and not this badge...

"It helps to break those barriers," he added.


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