Sloth Caught in the Slowest Restaurant Break-In While Searching for Snacks

A clumsy fall by the animal had set off the eatery's alarms.

Is this the slowest break-in the world has ever seen?

A sloth crept into a Costa Rica restaurant in search of a snack after it closed for the evening.

Slow and steady didn’t quite win the race for this little guy, when a clumsy fall set off the eatery's alarms.

“It was funny to see that it was all caught on video, restaurant owner Travis Day told Caters News. “We didn’t realize just how hilarious it was until we shared it with family and friends."

Day said his restaurant, Café Milagro, often sees monkeys and toucans in the daytime, but never has a sloth actually made its way inside.

“While we have sloths that can be regularly seen in nearby trees, this was the first invasion of our actual restaurant,” Day said. ““We have a resident sloth named Terrance who can regularly be found behind our restaurant, but this one was a new visitor.”

He and co-owner Adrienne Pellizzari were in their pajamas when they went back to the restaurant after the establishment's alarm was tripped. They later re-homed the sloth somewhere safe.

“They’re very common in the area,” Day said.