Cutest Baby Sloth Makes Her Debut While Wrapped Cozily in Blanket

How adorable!

A baby sloth has made her debut at a Pennsylvania zoo. 

The cute and cuddly animal, named Vivien, was born in August. She was named after actress Vivien Leigh, zoo officials said.

Vivien made her appearance this week in the arms of her caretakers, tucked cozily in a fuzzy pink blanket at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh Tuesday.

She’s reportedly in excellent health.

Vivien will be hand-raised by National Aviary experts so that she'll be comfortable around people and well prepared for her role as an educational ambassador.  

Sloths are rainforest animals whose habitat is rapidly diminishing. 

Officials at the National Aviary say guests who meet the new baby sloth will learn about the importance of conservation and what steps they can take to protect rainforest creatures.