Smack of Jellyfish Are Spotted in the Italian City of Trieste in Usual Occurrence Captured on Camera

A smack of jellyfish is not typically seen around town, but these vacationing creatures decided to take in the sights.

Sometimes it is good to get out and explore the sights, which some jellyfish in Italy did. Collectively known as a “smack,” the mass of jellyfish was spotted in the Italian port city of Trieste.

Known to scientists as rhizostoma pulmo, these are among the largest jellyfish species in the Mediterranean. The vacationing sea creatures not only took in the sights around the town but also searched for plankton near the harbor’s surface.

Although the jellyfish are probably not interested, the town’s harbor is filled with history. Nestled between Croatia and Slovenia, Trieste boasts ancient ruins. It’s also where James Joyce wrote part of “Ulysses.”

A smack of jellyfish is not typically seen in town, but an unusual concurrence of winds and currents have brought them in. Nevertheless, they were welcomed.