Small Japanese Town Uses COVID-19 Relief Money to Buy Giant Squid Statue

The squid is called “Squid Station.” It’s about 13 feet high, 29 feet long, and it cost over $200,000.

When Noto, a town on Japan’s central west coast, received a small financial windfall of coronavirus relief funds, they did what any of us would have done: They bought a giant squid statue.

Squid fishing is one of Noto’s main industries and what better way to promote that and drive tourism.

The big squid is called “Squid Station.” It’s 13 feet high, 29 feet long, and It cost over $200,000.

Squids are cephalopods, which are part of the same animal class as octopuses. Although they often get a bad rap in the movies, they are thought to be quite intelligent.

And if you’re into it, they’re also quite delicious. Squid is high in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Squid dishes are popular across Asia and the Mediterranean. But the world’s most popular squid at the moment is Noto’s.

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