Smiling Giant Panda Photobombs Melania Trump During Visit to Beijing Zoo

One of the zoo's most notable residents, Meng'er, also posed for the picture.

When Melania Trump posed for a photo with a group of schoolchildren in Beijing Friday, they weren't the only ones grinning for the camera.

Behind them, one of Beijing Zoo's most notable residents, Meng'er the giant panda, also appeared to be smiling.

His perfectly timed, over-the-shoulder look stole the show, earning fans on Twitter.

During Melania's visit Friday, the group of children, who were waving miniature Chinese and American flags, performed two songs for her; one in Mandarin and another in English.

She gave the children eagle toys, telling them, "You have a panda here, we have an eagle in the United States."

The first lady met another panda, Gu Gu, behind the scenes, according to the zoo's director, Li Xiaoguang. She helped feed him and learned about his nutrition and training.

Gu Gu was born in 1999 and now serves as "goodwill ambassador of the zoo," Li said.

Melania also visited the gift shop where she was presented with a stuffed panda by the zoo's director. She also stopped to sign a poster with her name and the message, "Thank you to the Beijing Zoo! Wonderful to meet Gu Gu!"

She later headed to the Great Wall of China.