Snorkeler in Hawaii Finds Gold Cross Lost in 1966

The owner lost it while surfing and will now be reunited with it thanks to the internet.

Snorkelers in Hawaii who came across a gold cross last week have since learned of the powerful meaning it has for a man thousands of miles away.

Jon Abila was diving in a well-known surf spot near the Sheraton Waikiki when he told KHON something caught his eye.

It was a gold Celtic cross with the inscription, "Alexander Morison, 1932, St. Agnes Choir."

Curious about its original owner, Abila posted a photo to a Facebook group called Stolen Stuff Hawaii. Before long, someone responded.

Enter Alexander "Sandy" Morison Jr.

Morison told Abila the cross belonged to his late father, who received it as a teen singing for the choir at New York City's St. Agnes Church.

Remarkably, Morison said he lost the cross while surfing in Hawaii in 1966. The California man said he'd taken the cross from this mom's jewelry box and was wearing it when a catamaran hit him and the chain broke.

"I thought, 'Oh my God, I not only took the cross from my mom, but I just lost it,'" Morison recalled.

"I just want to say, God bless you, Jon. Thank you, I can't even believe you found it. So awesome, you're such an awesome person."

Abila will either mail the chain back to California or Morison might fly out to Hawaii and receive it from Abila in person.