Social Media Trolls Falsely Claim They Were Attacked at 'Black Panther' Screenings

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Trolls on Twitter started a social media spectacle after posting false claims of whites being attacked at screenings of the highly anticipated Black Panther.

The fake statements are often accompanied by photos of women with bruised or bloodied faces. The images are from unrelated attacks.

One, for example, actually shows a 19-year-old Swedish woman who was attacked at a bar in January.

Another post, with text saying "I was brutally attack (sic) by some black thugs at the #BlackPanther premiere because they said whites weren't allowed," shows an 18-year-old woman who was locked in an apartment and beaten for hours by her boyfriend. He later pleaded guilty to two charges of assault. 

Fake posts about fake attacks at 'Black Panther' premieres popped up on social media.
This image posted to social media was later removed. Twitter

Another Twitter user posted a photo of Colbie Holderness, one of two ex-wives accusing former White House aide Rob Porter of domestic abuse. The image shows Holderness with a black eye.

After several users called out the trolls, many of the posts had been removed by Friday afternoon. Some of the accounts were suspended by Twitter.

The film features a mostly black cast and was playing to predominately black crowds at sold-out premieres Friday. 



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