Someone Texted Cops About Going Out and Getting High in Embarrassing Wrong Number Exchange

It was an embarrassing case of wrong number when someone texted a police officer about getting high.
It was an embarrassing case of getting the wrong number when someone texted a police officer about getting high.(Winfield MO Police Department)

The officer responded with a selfie of himself in uniform holding up his badge.

If you want to get high and go out, you probably shouldn’t invite the cops along.

The Winfield Police Department in Missouri posted a photo of a hilarious text exchange that ended with the other person immediately regretting having started the conversation.

“Unfortunately we don’t think they are gonna come pick us up,” authorities said in a post about the texts.

It all started when a mystery number texted an officer, inviting them to the game and offering them free hot dogs and soda.

The officer, who has not yet identified himself, said he’d love to go but that they have the wrong number.

“No, I don’t we went to the game together,” the other person insisted. “With Shari & Diana we got high together girl.”

They then continued, “Get dressed & I will pick you up. In the truck remember.”

That’s when the officer took the opportunity to send a selfie in uniform, with his badge in the photo, to prove once and for all that they must have been messaging the wrong person.

“Wrong number,” they sheepishly replied.