South Carolina Law School Dean Accidentally Forwards Email Containing Confidential Bar Exam Results

William Hubbard, the dean of the University of South Carolina Law School
The University of South Carolina

The dean of a law school accidentally forwarded an email that contained the private bar exam results of his students, according to a report. William Hubbard of the University of South Carolina Law School said he was "so excited" last week when he got an official email that said 82% of his class passed the exam –– but he forwarded the email not realizing the attachments containing the names of the students and their results were also sent, the AP reported.

“It was totally an accident, an accident I deeply regret,” Hubbard, 68, told The State newspaper. “I’ve sent a personal email to every one of those students, and I’ve had an email dialogue with some of them and some phone conversations and plan to make myself available to any student who wants to meet.”

The names of the students who fail the bar exam are never supposed to be published and the scores of those who passed are not revealed, the outlet reported. 

Realizing his mistake, Hubbard quickly sent an email to his students trying to undo that first email, the State reported.

"Please delete the message I just sent about bar passage. It was sent with the wrong attachment for which I am very sorry. Please do not open and, if opened, do not reveal any information in that attachment to anyone.”

In those emails, he apologized, Hubbard told the outlet. “The vast majority of the former students have been understanding, forgiving and gracious.”

Hubbard has been dean of the law school since August. He was previously on the university's Board of Trustees and is a former president of the American Bar Association.

Hubbard did not respond when reached for comment Thursday by Inside Edition Digital.