'South Park Susan,' Susan Westwood, Turns Herself In After Calling 911 on Black Sisters

Susan Westwood, 51, went viral last month for harassing two African-American women in a North Carolina apartment complex.

Susan Westwood, a white woman dubbed “South Park Susan” after harassing two black women in a North Carolina apartment complex, turned herself in to authorities Saturday afternoon.

Westwood, 51, was booked at the Brunswick Sheriff’s Department after turning herself in to the Sunset Beach Police Department and was released on bond later that same afternoon.

She was charged with misuse of 911 and served with four summonses related to assaults and communicating threats.

Police had issued a misdemeanor warrant in October but said they couldn’t find her until she turned herself in.

Her mom, Nancy Westwood, had told police officers she was worried about her daughter’s safety after she stopped answering her phone and responding to messages after a video of her harassing two sisters, Chele and Leisa Garris, went viral, according to an incident report.

The videos, originally uploaded by Chele in October, show Westwood questioning the sisters, demanding to know why they were outside her apartment complex.

“Where do you live here in this place? ... Because this is Myers Park. This is South Park,” Westwood, who appears drunken and disoriented, says.

“I am white and hot," she continues. "So what are you doing here?"

The siblings, who were waiting for AAA after their car broke down, ask her to leave repeatedly, but Westwood becomes increasingly agitated and eventually calls 911 to report the sisters, saying they were attempting to break into residences.

"There's no car broken down ... nobody breaks their car down in the best part of society," she tells the 911 dispatcher.

Eventually, Westwood offers to pay money to have the sisters removed. "I'll pay $2,500 to get them out of here," she says. "Right now. I will."