Spinning Ice Disc in Maine Suddenly Stops Spinning

The mysterious ice disc in Maine that got people's heads spinning suddenly stopped swirling when it froze to the river's shore — until one man set it free.

The mesmerizing spinning circle of ice in Maine has started moving again after going stagnant a few days ago. 

Time-lapse video shows the rotation of the ice disc, which is caused by currents on the Presumpscot River.

Sightseers flocked to watch it. But just as soon as it started spinning last week, it stopped swirling. 

Photographer Andrew Sims went out on his paddleboard to break through the ice so it could move again. 

“It was three places I had to break apart,” he told Inside Edition.

It took two hours but all that chopping did the trick.

“It spun immediately. People were like, ‘it's spinning, it's spinning,’” he said. 

Sims shot time-lapse drone footage right after he freed the disc.

Now he's being heaped with praise: "Ice Disc Spinning Again Thanks To Paddleboard Hero," says one headline.