As Spring Break Kicks Off, Investigation Looks Into the Hidden Danger of Drinking On Hotel Balconies

Every year, revelers are injured or killed after slipping and falling off hotel balconies.

It was bedlam on the beach as Inside Edition's cameras captured this year's spring break antics, including binge drinking, raunchy behavior and arrests.

Spring break is underway at South Padre Island, Texas, where Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero was on the beach with thousands of students.
"Let me ask you a serious question," she said to a group of girls. “Are you worried at all about your safety?”

"I am worried about my safety," one replied. 

"We don't take drinks from other guys," another said. 
“We all have to stay together," replied a third girl. 

But another potential danger is hiding in plain sight: Balconies. 

In a YouTube video, daredevils are seen taking dangerous leaps off balconies and into the hotel pools below.

Balconies may seem safe, and they usually are, but students are killed or injured after falling from them each year.

Last year, two spring breakers died after falling from a hotel balcony in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

And according to police in South Padre Island, a 21-year-old reveler was perched on a seventh floor balcony when she slipped and plummeted to her death in 2015. 

Guerrero watched plenty of binge drinking on balconies and spotted one spring breaker sitting on the railing. 

During one out-of-control midnight pool party, Guerrero spotted a group of guys standing on chairs and tables on a balcony. She went to the ninth floor to try and talk to them but they refused to speak to her. 

Guerrero then spoke to others she spotted on another balcony. They assured her they would not do anything dangerous. 

“None of us are going to climb on the balcony and do anything dumb,” one girl told Guerrero. 

“I've had a friend halfway off the balcony almost falling off and I have had to grab them and be like, 'You can’t be that dumb,'” another student told Inside Edition. 

With weeks of spring break still yet to come, let’s hope the party stays fun but safe.