St. Louis Woman Vanishes After Boarding Train to Dallas and Making Panicked Call to Mom, Family Says

Dana Holt
Dana Holt left St. Louis on March 1, her family said.Dana Holt/Facebook

The family of Dana Holt says she placed a panicked phone call to her mother. “She sounded terrified and scared," the mom said.

Family members say they are frantically searching for Dana Holt, a St. Louis woman who traveled by train to Dallas and then disappeared.

Holt, 30, boarded the train on March 1 and arrived the next day in the Texas city, relatives said. They last heard from her on March 2, they said, when she made a frantic phone call to her mother.

“She sounded terrified and scared,” Deborah Holt told KTVI-TV. "I was like 'where are you?' She was like, 'Oh my gosh. He's getting out of the shower. I got to go.' That was it."

The family says they believe she is being held against her will. The Dallas Police Department has issued a flier say Holt has been reported as missing.

She was seen on surveillance video at the Eddie Bernice Johnson Union Station in Dallas on March 2 at about noon, her sister,  Audrey Clay, told the station. Clay said Dallas investigators told her a man is seen meeting Dana after she gets off the train. 

“He approaches Dana and helps my sister with her bags. Then, they walked to the south end of the platform and go off-camera. That was it. I haven’t seen the footage yet,” Clay said.

Clay and her wife drove to Dallas, where they searched for Dana without success, Clay said.

“I did everything that we could. We put up fliers everywhere we could think of. I searched woods, ditches, searched strip clubs, all of that for four days,” Clay said.

Clay said her sister has medical and mental health issues. She said she doesn't know why her sister traveled to Dallas. Anyone with information about Dana is asked to call the Dallas Police Department's Missing Persons Unit at 214-671-4268.

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