Stolen Service Dog Named Charlotte Reunited With Texas Owner

A stolen service dog was reunited with its owner.
Charlotte the pit bull had been missing since Sunday.Arlington Police Departmet

A stolen service dog named Charlotte has been reunited with her tearful Texas owner.

A stolen service dog in Texas has been reunited with her tearful owner after being missing for three days, authorities said. Charlotte, a 10-year-old pit bull, was inside a SUV when both were stolen from a Walgreens parking lot, Arlington police said.

The dog works for 22Kill, a nonprofit organization providing mental wellness programs for veterans, first responders, and their families.

Her owner, Taija Horne, a social worker with the organization, said Charlotte is her emotional support animal and also provides comfort to clients with her group. Horne told police she left her vehicle, a 2017 white Subaru Forrester, running with the doors unlocked while she ran into the store to make a quick purchase.

When she returned, the car was gone.

But Arlington police were able to track the SUV to a home, where they found the stolen vehicle and Charlotte. The dog appeared to be in good health.

Officers brought her home to Horne, who sobbed with relief.

"I couldn't believe I was seeing her again. She was back in my arms," Horne told KXAS-TV Wednesday.

Charlotte, she said, would be getting steak for dinner.