Stormy Daniels Considered Senate Run Before She Was at Center of Alleged Trump Sex Scandal

Stormy Daniels went on a listening tour to see about a possible Senate run in Louisiana against then-Sen. David Vitter in 2009.

Long before Donald Trump became president, adult film star Stormy Daniels created a political storm nearly a decade ago when she considered running for office. 

In 2009, Daniels was seriously considering a campaign for a senate in her native Louisiana.

"I was very interested in politics at the time, and the way things worked, and I thought I could make a difference," she told Inside Edition.

She claimed she was "sort of" a Republican, adding, “I don't know, I’m like half and half. I go both ways.”

Daniels was contemplating running against then-Sen. David Vitter, a man whose family-values image imploded when he was embroiled in an escort scandal.

“He got caught, which doesn't bother me," Daniels said. "Hey, go on with your bad self. Who am I to judge? But the fact that he was a hypocrite made me pretty crazy." 

She recalled her time on the campaign trail and admitted that “I got a lot more traction than I thought it would do and the places were packed." 

In the end, she decided not to run.

Now, almost a decade later, she is now at the center of a major political scandal that threatens the president