Stormy Daniels' Estranged Dad Shares Never-Before-Seen Photos of Daughter

Bill Gregory's daughter has kicked off an online fundraising campaign to help cover her legal fees as she fights to reveal the story behind her alleged affair with President Trump.

Long before Stormy Daniels was the adult movie star at the center of a presidential scandal, she was Stephanie Gregory, a dreamy-eyed high school student in Baton Rouge, La. Today, her estranged father is sharing photos of his daughter from long before she was a figure of controversy. 

Speaking exclusively to Inside Edition, Bill Gregory shared pictures of his daughter from her high school yearbook and from her 1996 prom night.

"She was going to be a vet when she was going to high school," her father said. 

Gregory lives in Los Angeles where he works as a construction manager. He has the same striking blue eyes as his daughter. 

He said it's difficult to see his daughter entangled in a presidential scandal. 

“I see her in the news — everything that's going on — it's hard,” he said. “It's become a real mess, looks like to me. I like Trump and I like my daughter. I don't want to pick sides. It's unfortunate that it's gotten to this point."

Gregory said he and his daughter haven’t spoken in nearly 20 years.

He says he is not ashamed by his daughter's adult film career choice but he is "disappointed."

“At least she's successful at it," he said. "I guess if you're gonna do something you should be successful and I’m proud of her for being successful. She's obviously very intelligent. She's written books, she's directing movies now, too. It's just unfortunate that that's what she chose to do as far as I am concerned.” 

Her parents divorced when she was about 4 years old. Gregory still has a framed photo of his daughter hanging in his office.

“That was my sweet daughter, Stephanie," he said. "The soon-to-be vet, horseback rider. She was a sweetheart."

He says he misses his daughter and cutting off contact was her decision.

“I didn't stop talking to her," he claimed. "She's the one that broke off ties with me and her mother."

Stormy Daniels is starting a social media campaign to help pay her legal bills.

She writes that she needs funds to pay for attorneys, "out-of-pocket security expenses," and "damages that may be awarded against me if I speak out and ultimately lose."

"Unfortunately, I do not have the vast resources to fight Mr. Trump alone," she added. 

More than $124,000 has been raised so far.

Her career as a dancer may be booming because of her notoriety, but during an interview with Inside Edition last month, she said she's not seeing a dime from her DVD sales.

“That doesn't help me at all," she said. "There are no royalties in the adult business. I can sell one copy of a DVD or 10 million and it doesn't change my life at all." 

Daniels' lawyer tweeted a photo of her and Anderson Cooper during their 60 Minutes interview, which has not yet aired.