Stormy Daniels Returns to Strip Club Stage, a Day After Arrest

The adult film actress appeared at Vanity in Columbus, Ohio, which offered Daniels a venue after her scheduled gig at Sirens was canceled.

Stormy Daniels was escorted into an Ohio strip club Thursday night amid heavy security.

Less than 24 hours after she was arrested, the adult film star was back on stage at a strip club where the DJ made it clear there was to be no touching.   

Daniels came out in a red, white, and blue outfit dancing to Lenny Kravitz’s version of "American Woman."

The performance took place at Vanity, a strip club in Columbus, which stepped in to offer her a venue after another club, Sirens — where she was arrested the night before — cancelled her scheduled performance. 

“Within a few minutes, we put a deal together for her to come to Vanity," the club's owner, Abe Arina, told Inside Edition. 

He said he had no apprehension in getting Daniels to his club despite what had transpired the night before. 
Charges that Daniels touched and groped undercover vice cops at sirens were dropped because of one word in the Ohio state law, which states: "An employee who regularly appears nude or semi-nude at a sexually oriented business is prohibited from touching patrons."

Daniels was a guest performer and does not regularly appear at Sirens, so her case was tossed.

Charges remain, however, against two other Sirens dancers who were cited along with Daniels because they are regular performers at the club. 

"All tips from my stage performance tonight at Sirens in Columbus will go toward their legal fees," Daniels tweeted. 

Her lawyer posted Facebook images that he claims prove a detective who arrested Stormy did so because he is a Donald Trump supporter.

The Columbus Police said they are investigating whether political motivation played a role in the arrest.