Stormy Daniels Speaks Out About Being at the Center of Political Controversy

Inside Edition sat down with the woman at the center of the scandal.

The woman at the center of a presidential scandal is speaking out about the attention she has attracted in recent weeks.

President Trump’s personal lawyer reportedly paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money to keep quiet about an alleged affair, which supposedly occurred in 2006, just four months after Melania gave birth to son Barron.

Trump's lawyer denies the president had a tryst with Daniels, and dismisses reports of any payoffs.

There’s also speculation that the story is the reason the first lady canceled her trip to Davos, Switzerland, with the president for the World Economic Forum.   

But Melania Trump’s spokesperson says she nixed the Switzerland trip because of "scheduling and logistical issues.” 

In recent days, the allegations involving Daniels have become fodder for the late night comics. 

"The first lady is skipping the trip tomorrow due to scheduling and logistical issues and because she hates him,” Jimmy Kimmel joked on Tuesday night. 

So, what about the woman taking the world by storm? 

She told Inside Edition that she did not believe that she would turn on the television and constantly hear her name and the president's name in the same sentence. 

"Nobody ever looked twice at me," she said. 

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