Stranger Makes 'Parking Spot' for 4-Year-Old's Bike

Christie Dietz
Christie Dietz

He religiously parks his bike on the same pole.

The son of a German author received his very own parking spot after religiously locking up his bike in the same spot.

Food and travel writer Christie Dietz took to Twitter to show the “parking space” someone made for her 4-year-old son.

The stranger had taken a picture of his bike and posted it to the pole where he usually locks it up, indicating that only the bike is permitted to be there.

“My son has parked his bike by this lamppost just about every day for the last year,” Dietz wrote. “This morning, this sticker had appeared.

Absolutely made our day. People can be so brilliant. Thank you, whoever did it.”

Dietz's tweet recounting the sweet gesture had been liked more than 130,000 times as of Tuesday.

“We were really touched by someone carrying out such a sweet and joyful idea," Dietz told the BBC. “"My son is very happy about the sticker."