Why This Man Is Riding Around on His Late Daughter's Tiny Pink Bike

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This 6-foot-tall British dad is riding a tiny child's bike for a good cause.

Peter Williams' daughter, Ellie, died of a rare brain tumor three years ago when she was just 7 years old. Just before her death, however, she received a pink bike that she was able to ride a few times. Tragically, she died before she could enjoy it more.

“She loved cycling and learned to ride a bike without stabilizers when she was just 3," Williams told SWNS.

So when the father stumbled on his daughter's pink bike in the garage, he was struck by an idea. 

"It was a light bulb moment," he said. "Ellie would have thought I was a bit bonkers doing it."

Williams decided to ride 200 miles for the Brain Tumour Charity on his daughter's tiny bike, journeying from the hospital where she was treated to Land's End in Cornwall.

"She'd be right behind me doing this challenge," he said of his daughter. "Ellie would laugh at me riding her bike — and she’ll inspire me every push of the pedals."

He'd initially hoped to raise more than $13,000 for the charity. He's already doubled that total.

"We've absolutely smashed the target," he said. "People have been so generous."

He added: "More research into brain tumors is vital and if I can help save just one family from our heartache, then it’s worth it."


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