Student to Wear Christmas Tree Costume Until End of Semester After Twitter Post Goes Viral

She said she would do so after 1,000 retweets, and she got 20 times that amount.

An Alabama college student is spreading holiday cheer while dressed as a Christmas tree after her Twitter post went viral.

Kelsey Hall, 20, posted to Twitter Saturday saying, “1,000 retweets and I’ll wear this to all my classes for the rest of the semester,” along with a picture of her donning a full-blown Christmas tree costume.

“I took a picture in this costume and I thought it was really funny because I was just not smiling and I am in this very festive costume so I took the picture a while ago and I thought it’d be really funny to post,” Hall told “I said 1,000 retweets because I thought there was no way that was going to happen.”

But Hall was wrong. As soon as her friends started to retweet the post while they were out to dinner together, it quickly went viral. 

“On the drive home from dinner I had bunch of missed calls, it hit 1,000 and I was like, 'Oh my God, I have to wear this all week,” Hall said. 

She initially received the costume as a gift from her mother, who had seen someone wearing it in a video.

Wednesday was Hall's third day wearing the costume and she said she has just two days left until the end of the semester at the University of Alabama.

The 20-year-old said that although the costume can get hot, she’s enjoyed wearing it for the most part.

She walks to class in it and then takes it off while her professors teach to be respectful of them, she said.

“I had to follow through with it. Hopefully it can just be a fun thing that will bring joy to people during this time when they are studying for finals,” Hall said. “It’s pretty gloomy on campus. I am just walking to class in this every day. Hopefully I can make people laugh.