From Stuffing to Mashed Potatoes, the Best Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Your Meal a Hit

Follow these tips to make your holiday spread a real crowd-pleaser.

Don't let cooking keep you from spending time with family and friends this Thanksgiving — here are some tips to help you expedite the process. 

Can't find your roasting rack?   

At the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, top chef Todd English showed Inside Edition how to make one out of aluminum foil. All you need to do is roll a long piece of foil lengthwise and mold it into a circle.

"Take the turkey and put it right,” he said. “It's ready to go.”  

English also has an inventive way to cook your stuffing with muffin tins. It will cook faster and each bite will be deliciously crisp.  

If you don’t want to spend all day boiling, peeling and mashing potatoes, just buy some mashed potatoes and enhance them with heavy cream and butter. Then add some small roasted potatoes to make it really special.

Here's a tip for "store bought" gravy. English advises making it your own by adding soy sauce.  

“It brings out the flavor in the poultry,” he said.

You can also keep your gravy warm with the help of a Thermos, in which it will stay hot for hours.  

Can't find your rolling pin to make pie? Just grab a bottle of wine. It is a simple, yet effective way to get dough flat. 

As English showed Inside Edition at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, you can also use a can but just remember to remove the label first.  

Don't have time to make a pie, just pick a nice one at your local store but make it your own by adding caramel sauce, toasted pecans and whipped cream.  

If you are busy and can’t clean all of the potatoes, just load the spuds into the dishwasher and make sure you lose the soap. After 12 minutes, they are ready to cook. 

Making biscuits is a breeze — just cut out the shapes with the help of a drinking glass.

Also, if you are having a dry turkey crisis, you can revive the bird with some chicken broth.