Stunt Woman Says Every Day Has Been 'Suffering' Since Gruesome Injuries on 'Resident Evil' Set

Olivia Jackson collided with a crane-mounted camera, eventually causing her to lose her left arm, according to a lawsuit.

A stunt double horribly injured on the set of the blockbuster film "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" is now suing the film’s producers.

"I remember up until the very impact," Olivia Jackson, who was standing in for actress Milla Jovovich, told Inside Edition.

The stunt called for Jackson to drive a motorcycle straight at a camera that was supposed to get out of the way. But it didn’t and she crashed right into it.

Doctors put her in a coma to keep her alive, and when she woke up, she saw that she had lost her left arm.

Her husband, David Grant, said he thought his wife was going to die.

"I was told I was going to lose my wife on multiple occasions," he told Inside Edition. 

The lawsuit claims she was supposed to shoot another scene but in a "last-minute change, she was asked to perform a dangerous and technically complex motorcycle scene in adverse weather." 

She doesn't feel sorry for herself, even finding a bit of humor in the horrible situation, tattooing scissors where her arm was amputated.

Jackson has resumed activates that she loves like martial arts, swimming, and riding a bike, but the road has not been easy.

"Every moment since that day has actually been suffering," she said. 

Jackson claims she hasn't been able work since the incident. The movie in question raked in $300 million worldwide.