Stylist Allegedly Gave Fidgeting Customer a 'Three Stooges' Haircut

Khaled Shabani also allegedly snipped the customer's ear with his scissors.

A Wisconsin stylist allegedly snipped a customer's ear before giving him a haircut that won't soon be forgotten.

According to Madison PD, stylist Khaled A. Shabani at Ruby’s Salon twisted his customer’s ear after telling him to stop fidgeting. 

Shabani, 46, is accused of then snipping the man’s ear with scissors.

But cops say Shabani wasn't done. Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain told the Wisconsin State Journal the suspect used the shortest clipper attachment to cut a strip down the customer's head "leaving him looking a bit like Larry from The Three Stooges."

Shabani was issued a ticket on Wednesday for disorderly conduct, a county ordinance violation that is not a criminal charge.

He told police the ear snip was accidental and has pleaded not guilty to the ticket.