Supermarket Employee Gives Elderly Woman $20 so She Can Buy Her Groceries

Supermarket Employee Gives Elderly Woman $20 So She Can Buy Her Groceries
Big Y

A woman who went to a Massachusetts supermarket for groceries wound up getting a lot more than she bargained for — and kindness was in no short supply.

An elderly woman was shopping at the Big Y in Greenfield when a customer who was also checking out noticed her, because she didn’t have enough money to finish paying for her items.

“The young gentleman who was bagging her groceries gave her $20 so she could pay for her order," the unidentified customer told the supermarket chain, who shared the sweet act on social media.

Big Y commended the employee, Fredrick — and so did others. “Helping one another is what it’s all about! #love #inspiring #thankyou,” one user wrote.


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