Survivors of Deck Collapse Caught on Camera at Rental Home Allege Deck's Wood Was Rotted

The Malibu homeowner says the renters broke a 6-person maximum capacity agreement.

Survivors from a scary deck-collapse in Malibu are speaking out after the homeowner alleged that they broke a six-person capacity agreement. New video shows the party at the oceanfront home minutes before disaster strikes.

Guests look carefree, enjoying gorgeous views. Suddenly, the deck collapses, a neighbor’s surveillance video shows. Christina and her husband, Erik, were on the deck enjoying the party, and say it was sheer terror as 15 partygoers plunged to the jagged rocks below.

“Their faces were so bloodied and their faces were just so terrified,” Christina told Inside Edition.

Miraculously, the couple escaped injury. Erik can be seen hanging onto the railing after the deck collapsed, and Christina was able to jump back inside the house.

The owner of the home claims the balcony was overloaded with people, and that under the rental agreement, only six people were allowed at the house. The homeowner says a sign showing the maximum occupancy of six guests was posted on the deck door. But now there are new claims that the deck was rotted, and it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Christina and Erik say photos show the decaying condition. 

“The pictures clearly show, the wood is completely rotten to the core. It’s green and covered in moss,” Erik said.

The homeowner says she pleaded with the renter to ask his guests to leave.

“The rental agreement is very specific. It's 6 persons at all times. At all times. And no parties and events are allowed,” she’s heard telling the renters over the phone.

“OK. Well, I'm sorry Maria. We'll try to get everybody out of here,” a man responded.

Minutes later, the deck collapsed.

Attorney Greyson Goody is representing the man who rented the home.

“The deck was in pretty poor condition. Even if it was six people or one person, nobody should have been allowed on the deck,” Goody said

The homeowner’s attorney told Inside Edition the deck was inspected in 2018 after it was remodeled and was found to have no rotten wood. He says the other allegations are false, adding the renter violated the rental agreement by having more than six guests at the house.

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