Suspect in Savannah Spurlock Case Says He Fell Asleep and Woke Up to Find Her Gone: Authorities

Savannah Spurlock; David Sparks
Handout / Garrard County

David Sparks, 23, was arrested last week after remains belonging to the missing mom were found at his home.

The man charged in connection with the death of Savannah Spurlock told authorities he fell asleep while she was at his home in January and when he woke up, she was gone.

The new details emerged in a Garrard County, Kentucky, courtroom Monday, where David Sparks appeared for a probable cause hearing.

Sparks, 23, was arrested last week after remains belonging to the missing mom were found at his home, just before midnight Wednesday. Authorities searched the home after another person living there reported a bad odor.

He was charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence and has pleaded not guilty.

Spurlock, 23, went missing in early January after leaving a Lexington bar with three men. Sparks was one of those men, police said.

In court Monday, a detective said Spurlock went to Sparks' home on the night she vanished. The two other men left the home and Spurlock slept in Sparks' bed and he slept on the couch, the detective said, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

The next day, Spurlock woke Sparks and asked for his address, apparently so she could get a ride, and after he gave it to her, he said he went back to sleep, the detective said. When Sparks woke up, Spurlock was no longer at the home, WKYT reported.

The court also heard how Spurlock's body was found with a rug and garbage bags, which authorities believe Sparks took from his home. They believe he bound her hands and feet and buried her with the items, according to WKYT.

On the day Spurlock vanished, Sparks had texted his sister to ask where she'd bought a rug because he was looking to buy one, the detective said in court.

Authorities also said they found blood in the bedroom closet in Sparks' home that matches Spurlock's DNA.

The Garrard County judge found probable cause for the case to move to a grand jury.

Sparks, who has not been charged with murder, is being held without bond.

The two other men who were seen leaving the bar with Spurlock have not been charged in the case.