SUV Speeds Backwards Off Highway in Unbelievable Traffic Camera Video

The driver first seems to be backing out of traffic... but then keeps on going.

Backing off the highway during traffic jams is, while definitely misguided and illegal, not all that uncommon.

That's why the start of this traffic camera footage seems innocuous. It shows an SUV leave the annoying throng of highway traffic and back its way down an exit in Ohio.

But after winding his or her way off the highway, the motorist continues driving off — in reverse.

Thanks to more traffic cameras, video shows the SUV as it continues backwards down a street in the town of Canal Winchester.

While appearing to follow all but one very important traffic law, the SUV continues down the road before hooking a right onto a small town street.

In the final surveillance shot, the SUV pulls into a largely empty Kroger grocery store parking lot.

While it's unclear if that's where this zany (and dangerous) trip came to an end, what is clear is that drivers should never, ever try this at home.

And it's not the only incident of bizarre behavior on the roads.

Another video shot in Sacramento, Calif., shows an SUV repeatedly slamming into another car.

Even as first responders arrived on the scene, the white SUV didn't stop. The suspect even climbed on the roof of the car, where he started kicking and stomping. 

Police kept their distance at first, waiting for his rampage to play out. Only when he lost his balance did cops move in.

He was identified as 40-year-old Jose Garcia Alvarez. Police believe he was under the influence of narcotics. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation and was booked into jail on felony assault and vandalism charges.

Nikki Guin, who lives across the street, caught the entire incident on camera.

"That's probably one of the craziest things I have definitely ever seen. It was something that felt unreal," she told Inside Edition.