Swans Stop Locomotive and Traffic During Leisurely Family Stroll Over Train Tracks

The two adult swans and their babies were just enjoying a lovely day on the tracks.

The town of Stowbridge in England came to a brief halt when two swans were too preoccupied taking a stroll on the train tracks to realize they had stopped a locomotive and dozens of cars stuck behind the level crossing.

Impatient commuters watched as the leisurely swans and their two babies slowed the train behind them to a crawl.

“Swans don’t care, they don’t care about trains,” the man who caught the scene on camera could be heard saying in footage provided to SWNS.

The train conductor even popped out of the locomotive at times to try to speed up the process.

Witnesses said the scene stalled both the train and traffic crossing the tracks for 30 minutes before the pair of swans and their feathered family eventually found their way to water.