SWAT Team Called on Man Who Cops Say Unleashed Roomba on Neighbor's Fence

An hourslong standoff ensued and ended when police deployed tear gas.

A dispute between Oklahoma neighbors took an unusual turn when the SWAT team was called in following an attempt by one of the them to knock down the other's fence with his robot vacuum cleaner, according to police.

Candace and David Baird said their neighbor began hitting their shared fence with his feet, shoulders and, finally, a Roomba.

"We'd heard these loud pops that initially we thought were gunshots," David told Inside Edition. "It was actually him taking the Roomba and throwing it against the fence pretty hard." 

David said he and two friends grabbed guns and kept watch outside while Candace hid with their children inside a bathroom.

"I told him, if you come through the fence, I'm going to shoot you," David said.

Police eventually sent in a SWAT team with an explosive retrieval robot, according to Newsweek. Video obtained by Inside Edition appears to show the suspect hitting it with a hammer. After a six-hour standoff, they deployed tear gas to get him out of his home.