Deputies Respond to 911 Call About Intruder, Find Roomba Instead

A house sitter called 911 after hearing strange noises in the bathroom.

Oregon officials arrived inside a home with guns drawn, ready to arrest a suspected home intruder hiding out in the bathroom.

But it turned out to be a Roomba. 

A terrified caller had dialed 911 after hearing strange noises inside the home, telling the dispatcher they could "see shadows under the bathroom door."

Deputy Brian Rogers said he wasn’t going to take any chances so he and other deputies entered with guns drawn. They made their way to the bathroom but there was no intruder, just a Roomba moving around. 

The cops laughed at the incident and even posted about it on social media with a photo of the Roomba: "Most Wanted: Captured."

They even posted a timeline of events to go along with the image. 

It is unknown if the Roomba has entered a plea or retained legal council.