Tattoo Parlor Claps Back After Client Calls Ex-Con Employee 'Prison Monkey'

A tattoo parlor responds after a client calls their artist a "prison monkey."
A tattoo parlor responds after a client calls their artist a "prison monkey." (Getty)

A tattoo parlor had the perfect response to a customer complaining about an artist who had previously spent time in prison.

Reddit user MurderedByWords shared a screenshot from a text conversation earlier this week.

A text message conversation posted on Reddit.
(Reddit/MurderedByWords) (Reddit/MurderedByWords)

A client, who the poster kept anonymous, wrote that they wanted to cancel their appointment, get their deposit back, and get a 10 percent inconvenience fee. 

"I was not made aware during my consultation that Bradley is a convicted felon," they wrote. "I do not want any prison monkey putting a permanent thing on my body."

Not only did the shop refuse to refund or compensate a dime, they responded with a blistering comeback: “On top of owning the shop, we do charity work, donate money to research funds, speak with convicts and assist them with getting back on their feet. From the bottom of my heart, f*** you.”

They explained their artist was convicted 20 years ago, and after serving 13 years, he is now “an outstanding member of the community.”

The client was also banned from future visits to the shop.

It is not immediately clear which tattoo parlor was being discussed in the exchange, or its location.


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