Teacher Reads Bedtime Story to Class 1 Day After Brain Surgery, Returns to Classroom to Hero's Welcome

K.D. Meucci hopped onto Facebook Live to read a bedtime story to her students from Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Bethel Park just one day after she underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor.

A devoted Pennsylvania elementary school teacher received a hero’s welcome back to class after undergoing invasive surgery and spending her first day of recovery reading to her students. 

The fourth grade class at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Bethel Park has grown accustomed to having their teacher, K.D. Meucci, read them a bedtime story over Facebook Live every Thursday.  

And so not even surgery to have a brain tumor removed stopped Meucci from keeping her date with her students.  

“I don't know if you guys heard or not, but I am in the hospital,” she told them in October. “I had brain surgery, how cool is that? 

“My eye is a little bit swollen because that is where they did the cutting,” she explained.  

She was elated to see students and kept up a happy demeanor despite having a swollen face and bandages covering her head.  

“Oh my goodness, I miss you, I am so glad you are joining us for our bedtime story tonight,” she said as students logged on.

When Meucci returned to the classroom last week, she got a royal welcome.  

“We love you, Mrs. Meucci!” students cried as she made her return.  

After her surgery, tests revealed the tumor removed was benign and her latest MRI has shown no regrowth. She’s now on the road to a full recovery, happy to have been able to uphold the tradition that has meant so much to both her and her students. 

“Packing for the hospital was scary, probably the scariest [moment] of my life, thinking I was not going to come out of it,” she said. Packing that book, it gave me hope that I would be able to read to my students.” 

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