Teacher Spots Elementary Student Biking to Get Help for Diabetic Dad

Thanks to Cameron's teacher, they were able to call 911 just in the nick of time.

A South Carolina student may have saved his father’s life after his teacher spotted him biking on the road, searching for help.

Cameron, a young student at Ellen Woodside Elementary in Greenville County, was able to get his diabetic dad the help he desperately needed, thanks to his former teacher, Keller Sutherland.

“God placed me where I needed to be in that moment for Cameron,” Sutherland said, according to the school.

Cameron explained that he was at home with his dad when he had a diabetic episode.

“My dad got sick and I went to get help at the neighbors' but neither of the neighbors were home,” he explained. “So I got on my bike.”

He had tried to dial 911 on his dad’s cellphone, but it was password protected and he didn’t know how to get to the emergency call option.

Cameron was en route to his grandmother’s house by bike when Sutherland spotted him on his bike while driving down a busy street.

“I told my husband and said, 'There’s child on the road on his bike. Not sure what’s going on but I feel like I need to turn around and see what’s going on,'” Sutherland explained. “I realized when I pulled up I was like, 'Oh my gosh, that’s Cameron.' I had him last year, I care about him. What is he doing?”

She pulled over to speak to Cameron, who was at a loss for words but eventually told her that his dad had collapsed and he needed to go to his grandmother’s house, which was 5 miles away, to get help.

Others who stopped to see what was going on were able to call the police, and first responders made it to help his dad in just the nick of time.

Back at school, Cameron was used an example for the word “inspire” in Sutherland’s classroom.

“When I see myself as a teacher, it goes far beyond the classroom,” she explained. “I truly care for these kids. In that moment I felt he needed a familiar face.”

In light of Cameron’s emergency, the school principal Shawn McCain has implemented a new class to teach students how to call 911 on different phones when you don’t have a passcode.

“If you have an emergency, here’s the two different types of phones and here’s how you get that emergency call,” McCain said.