911 Operator Turns Into Math Tutor When Boy Calls for Help

Indiana dispatcher Antonia Bundy dusted off her math skills when a young boy called for help with his homework.

When a boy called police to complain about having too much homework, Indiana dispatcher Antonia Bundy took it upon herself to help him. 

"I had a really bad day," the boy begins in the call. 

"You had a bad day at school?" Bundy replies. 

"Yeah, I just came to tell you that," the boy says.

"Yeah. What happened at school that made you have a bad day?" Bundy asks.

"I just have tons of homework," he answers. 

Bundy, who works for the Lafayette Police Department, said the boy told her he was particularly frustrated by his math homework, so she took it upon herself to tutor him.

"He didn't sound like he was in good spirits," Bundy told Inside Edition. "That, in itself, that's what we're trained to do. We're trained to help people in their worst time."

She coached him through some simple arithmetic on the phone, patiently asking questions.

"So what's three plus one?" she asks.

"Four," he replies.

Eventually, the boy apologizes for calling 911 but says he "really needed help."

"You're fine, we're always here to help!" Bundy answers.

Bundy told Inside Edition there were multiple dispatchers working at the time, allowing her to give the boy plenty of attention.

"Thankfully I was able to dedicate the time to help him," she said. "I hope I didn't give him the wrong answer and I hope he had a better day."