Boy, 7, Calls 911 to Report Parents for Buying Him Snow Pants for Christmas

A generic image of a cop car.

Frustrated with his Christmas gift, a 7-year-old called 911 to report his parents. 

Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said the Ontario, Canada, boy landed on the naughty list for misusing the emergency call system when he dialed for help on Christmas Day after his parents gave him a pair of snow pants. 

"The snow pants he received for Christmas were not appreciated," Schmidt wrote on Twitter. 

Police did their due diligence and investigated to make sure there was no real threat, according to Schmidt. 

However, the sergeant highlighted that the incident served as a learning experience for the boy on when to call 911. 

"Parents or caregivers need to make sure their children understand the consequences of calling 911 and what constitutes an emergency," Schmidt told CTV News.

"Kids need to realize that calling 911 is critical and serious,” he added. “We don’t want to waste resources going after calls that aren’t an emergency."


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