Seattle Woman Freaks Out, Calls 911 After Humpback Whales Swim Under Boat

A humpback whale terrified a woman on board boat in Puget Sound.
A humpback whale terrified boaters in Puget Sound.iStock

Video of the woman screaming and calling police has gone viral.

They're gonna need a better boat crew.

Video of a pod of humpback whales swimming beneath an ocean vessel and scaring the living daylights out of a female on board has lit up the internet. 

Freaked out, the woman called 911.

"I'm afraid that we might get flipped over," the woman is heard telling a dispatcher. "I'm really scared."

Another younger-sounding female voice screams, "They're going to kill us!"

A male voice says, "Calm down. The worst thing that could happen is we go for a swim, dude. We're not going to die, we all know how to swim."

The man tries to explain what a rare treat it is to see the behemoth creatures, which can grow to 50 feet in length and live for as long as 100 years. 

Social media erupted with posts of people poking fun at the woman's terror.

 At one point, a male voice says the group should get out of there, pronto. "Drive away, quickly, right now, Dad. Drive away faster. Drive away faster. Drive away faster."

The father remains in awe.

"Look at how big he is!" he exclaims. "I could have touched him. Oh my God, look at him."

The woman is still on the phone, saying that in case they tip over, she just wanted authorities to know their location.